Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hitachi DZ-BD7HA Camcorder

Blu-ray Disc Hybrid Camcorder with Built-in 30GB HDD
FullHD (1920 x 1080) High Definition Video Recording

Performance Features
5.3 Mega Pixel 1/2.8” CMOS Image Sensor
Captures high definition video through a newly developed
CMOS image sensor that can record video at
1920x1080/60Hz and still images at 2400x1800 pixels.

8cm BD-RE/-R/DVD Drive
Hitachi has developed a compact, low power consuming,
quiet and highly reliable 8cm BD/DVD drive which
is compatible with five types of industry standard discs:

30GB Built-in HDD
Enables the hybrid camcorder to record up to four hours
of 1920x1080 video or eight hours of 1440x1080 video.

Hitachi Exclusive High Resolution Image Processing LSI
Efficiently analyzes large volumes of data captured by
the 5.3 Mega Pixel CMOS image sensor and improves
picture quality by reducing noise and delivering vibrant

Easy Dubbing
With the 1-touch dubbing feature users can burn entire
movies saved on the HDD to BD. Alternatively, you
can create your own highlight reel by selecting on the
highlight scenes.

Allows for users to select high definition video stored on
the HDD to be transferred to standard definition DVD
copies using the 1-touch dubbing feature.

Photo Capture
Select any frame from your movies on the camcorder
and turn them into a 2.07 Mega Pixel digital still photograph.
Simply save the photo to an SD™ card and then
print or share.

1-Second Quick Start
Simply have the camcorder in standby mode and in one
second the camcorder is up and recording. Not only
is the camcorder ready to record instantly but it’s also
consuming less power.

Built In “Interactive Guide”
An instructional utility program built into the camcorder
that guides users through setup and input/output connections
with peripherals.

Disc Navigation
Instant Access to Selected Scenes and In-Camera
Editing Features
Widescreen 2.7” LCD View Finder
16:9 Widescreen Recording

Video Recording
• Recording Media
HDD: 30GB HDD (Embedded)
BD1: 8cm BD-RE/-R
DVD1: 8cm DVD-R/-RW/-RAM

• Recording Format
HDD: 30GB HDD (Embedded)
BD1: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
(BD-R Ver.2.0/BD-RE Ver.3.0)
DVD1: MPEG-2 (DVD VR/DVD-Video Mode)

• Recording Time
HDD: 4 hours (HX mode) 1920x1080
: 5.3 hours (HF mode) 1440x1080
: 8 hours (HS mode) 1440x1080
BD1: 1 hour (HX mode) 1920x1080
: 1.3 hours (HF mode) 1440x1080
: 2 hours (HS mode) 1440x1080
DVD1: 20 Min (SX mode) 720x480
: 30 Min (SF mode) 720x480
Video Dubbing/Transfer

• Transfer of Video from HDD to BD or DVD
- 2x Dubbing/Transfer Speed (BD Only)
- One Touch Dubbing Button
- Dubbing Selection By: New/Date/Select/All
Still Image Recording

• Media: SD™ Card (Up to 2-GB)

• Format: JPEG (DCF/Exif 2.2)

• Max Res.: 2400x1800 (4.32 Mega Pixels)

• Quantity: Approx 200 per 512mb SD Card

• Built in Flash…Auto/On/Off

• 2.07 Mega Pixel (1920x1080) Still Photo Capture
from High Definition Video

• HD lens 12 element in 9 group, 18 surfaces multicoated

• EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

• Auto/Manual Focus

• Optical/Digital Zoom: 10x/500x2

• Filter Diameter: 43mm

• Aperture: F/1.8 – F/3.0

• Focal Length: f/5.0 – 50mm
- Video: 47 – 470mm (35 mm equivalent)
- Still: 34.5 – 345mm (35 mm equivalent)

(1) HDMI Output
(1) Component Video Output
(1) USB 2.0 PC Connection
(1) S-Video Output
(1) Composite AV Output
(1) Microphone Input3

• 2 Channel Stereo Dolby Digital
Power Consumption

• 5.7W (EVF BD)4
Battery Life

• 100 min (EVF)5
Supplied Accessories

• Battery
- DZ-BP14S (Li-ion 1360mAh)

• 8 cm BD-RE Disc

• USB Cable

• PC Software for Video Authoring

• Multi-connector AV Cable

• Remote Control Unit

• Battery for Remote

• Disc Cleaning Cloth

• Instruction Manual and Quick Guide
Dimensions (estimated)

• Height: 3 2/5”

• Width: 3 1/5” (excluding hand strap)

• Depth: 6 1/2”

• Weight: 1 lb 6 1/3 oz. (w/o battery/disc)

• 1-Year Parts Warranty, 90-Day Labor Warranty
1 Single-layer disc
2 Digital Zoom works for video shooting only.
3 Plug-in power type microphone can be used.
4 HX mode, HDD recording, with LCD display off
5 Measured under HX Mode, Auto AE, Manual Focus, LCD off,
with battery type DZ-BP14S
All specifications, features and dimensions are subject
to change without notice. Refer to for
updates or more information.
© 2007 Hitachi Ltd. All trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.